Buy Online Aurelio Voltaire - Heart Shaped Wound Wall Plaque

Aurelio Voltaire

Heart Shaped Wound Wall Plaque


To commemorate the release of his 11th studio album, Heart~Shaped Wound, these wall plaques with pulsing purple hearts, are designed by Aurelio Voltaire and expertly sculpted by Dellamorte & Co.

Each Heart~Shaped Wound Wall Plaque comes with a fairy pearl (inside of the heart) which can be activated to make the heart glow with a pulsing light. To activate the light, open the plastic ball and remove the paper slip. To turn off the light, remove the batteries. They can be stored inside of the same plastic ball until you wish to make the light glow again. If left on, the light will pulse for roughly 48 hours.

Each plaque comes signed by Aurelio Voltaire.